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Experience Living in Harmony With Nature in a Structure That Stands Strong Against the Elements


Welcome to a world where architectural brilliance meets eco-conscious living. 

Our geodesic dome homes offer an unparalleled blend of sustainability and innovation, designed for those who seek harmony with nature without compromising on strength or beauty. Experience the future of eco-living with our dome homes that stand resilient against the elements, offering you a sanctuary that's both inspiring and comforting.


Explore the essence of dome living with our featured video. 

Dive into the architectural beauty, versatility, and eco-friendly design of our domes.


Leading Innovation: Our Legacy and Your Future

Since 1980, Pacific Domes has led the way in geodesic dome innovation. Our partnership with NASA and commitment to excellence ensure your dome home is not just a living space but a testament to durability, sustainability, and cutting-edge design.


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Your Dream Dome Home Awaits: Let's Make It Happen

 Ready to explore the possibilities? Schedule a call today and let our specialists guide you through the exciting journey of dome home ownership. From initial consultation to installation, we're with you every step of the way.


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