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Experience Living in Harmony With Nature in a Structure That Stands Strong Against the Elements


Have questions about dome living? 

We've compiled our most frequently asked questions to help you explore the possibilities and benefits of our geodesic domes.



Where can I build a dome?

Zoning issues vary from city to city. Although our domes are unconventional, we can provide an engineering document that will satisfy most requirements for seismic, wind, and snow load. We have put up many small domes within city limits with no problems. A large dome for a primary residence will require a permit.

Design & Customization

What are my options for heating/cooling?

The most common method of heating is by wood stove, but any modern heating method will work in a dome. Radiant heat, solar, electric and gas are all compatible with our domes. The domes are designed with several window screens, base screens, and a roof screen. This ventilates the dome well, helping to keep it cool. A solar fan is included in the Deluxe dome package, and it can also be purchased separately. It is recommended for helping to exhaust hot air from the top of the dome. Traditional Air Conditioning units may be installed as well.

How about the foundation/deck?

We provide floor plans for three styles of floors, along with material lists. These plans have been used by many of our customers and have proven to work very well with our domes. There is also information on using Perimeter Boards for an earthen floor or for a concrete floor.

Can I increase the R-Value to meet building codes? 

Our insulated liner is adequate for many states. If your building codes require a greater R Value, extra layers can be added between the liner and the cover.

Do you offer turnkey solutions for kitchens, bathrooms, walls, lofts?

There are many ways to use the space that a dome offers. Sizes 24’ and larger allow space for a loft to be built. Traditional walls can be built within your dome if you desire. All lofts, walls or partitions should be built free standing and self-supporting. Some people have used screens to separate the space. Plumbing and electrical can be run through the floor, without disturbing the cover.

Installation & Maintenance

How do your domes stand against heavy snow and high wind conditions?

All of our domes are engineered to withstand 20 lbs of snow per square foot and 100 PMH winds. The frames are designed to manage 100 mph winds with 20 pounds of snow per square foot. We can increase the capability of our frames by using our heavier tubing. Heavier tube options increase greater wind and snow loads. We offer a sturdier framework for areas with extreme wind and snow load requirements. We believe our domes can handle any climate!

Do you offer contractor referrals to assemble domes, construct decks, build interiors? 

The 16’ through 30’ domes can be constructed with the help of a few friends. We recommend a lift to construct domes 36’ and larger. Our dome kit comes with an owner’s manual, and we also have installation videos on YouTube. Pacific Domes staff are available to hire to assist you with your dome build.

Financing & Pricing

Can I learn more about your pricing?
For current pricing please contact a sales representative.

Do you offer financing? 

We do not offer financing. Our payment terms are a 50% deposit at the time the order is made with the balance due before we ship.

Why would a client choose Pacific Domes over another company? 

Clients choose Pacific Domes over other dome companies because we are pioneers in sustainable architecture, renowned for our geodesic structures made proudly in the USA. Every dome journey begins with meticulous planning and design in Ashland, Oregon, led by our experienced team since 1980. Utilizing computer modeling, we craft perfect dome structures using high-quality, locally sourced materials like steel tubing and architectural fabrics. Each dome is skillfully assembled by American workers, ensuring structural integrity and attention to detail. Our commitment to sustainability includes reducing our carbon footprint through local sourcing and designing energy-efficient domes. We also offer an in-house team to help with every step of our clients’ dome experience, from planning to dome maintenance.


 Dive into the architectural beauty, versatility, and eco-friendly design of our domes.


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